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Zoey’s First Christmas

27 Dec

This was Zoey’s first Christmas, and it was definitely a success! She racked up on presents. One of my aunts bought her every single toy that has been invented.  The rest of my family welcomed her as if she was their grand-baby or niece. She had SO much fun ripping the wrapping paper off of gifts. She also really liked waving the tissue paper around. We had to actually take the papers away from her so that she could discover the toys she got.

We got her a red wagon with a canopy for Christmas. It is mostly in anticipation of Mardi Gras. I’m already crocheting some Mardi Gras accessories for her.

Now, my living room and her bedroom are stuffed with toys. Next up? Purchasing toy storage!

Notice my finger in the way. I just took a picture of the picture. Zoey kind of looks like Santa, don't you think?