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Driving with an Open Container

3 Jan

The day after Christmas, I was cleaning up after several of our friends had come over. Zoey was driving her little car around the kitchen (Backwards, she can only drive backwards. Women drivers, hmph.) as I cleaned. I was rinsing beer cans to recycle, when I thought it might be cute to take a picture of Zoey holding one while driving her car. I rinsed one out really well, and handed it to her.

Her expression was priceless. I captured an adorable picture. THEN, she put it to her mouth as if she was drinking it. I had to take another picture. It was too perfect! I started out texting this picture to people because I was too nervous to put it online. Then I decided that twitter and path should see it. My husband put it on facebook, so I did too. Then, he said “You should try to submit it to parenting failblog!”

One of my favorite websites is the Parenting Fails part of icanhascheezburger.com. I have the feed saved in my Google reader and I check it every day. I decided to do it. I uploaded it, and the very next day Zoey was featured on the front page! http://parenting.failblog.org/2011/12/28/crazy-parenting-fails-replace-the-car-with-a-fixie-and-were-golden/ There’s the link, if you want to see it.

I know that I’m probably the only mom that had a goal to get a picture of her child on parenting.failblog.org. That doesn’t really bother me. It’s not like I fail at parenting. I would never do anything that would harm her. I love my daughter, I just like to capture humorous moments. I don’t want to be an uptight parent. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not too “free.” I like to try to strike a balance. For example: Zoey formed her own schedule. She naps at the same times every single day. She eats at the same times every single day. She goes to bed at the same time every single night. Now, I make sure she sticks to it. I won’t go shopping if I know her nap time is in 30 minutes.  I may be strict about things like schedule, but I’m not going to play the “my kid is perfect and never does wrong and look at all of the awesome things she does” game (She obviously wasn’t doing wrong here, though. It’s not like she grabbed the can all by herself.) My kid is perfect to me, but she probably isn’t as perfect to other people. Sure, she is definitely the happiest baby I’ve ever met. She rarely cries. She isn’t perfect, though. If her teeth are bothering her, look out. You will have one clingy, fussy baby on your hands. I was about to write that she will still stick to her nap time, but I reeeeally don’t want to jinx anything.

You ever notice how a lot of parents only talk about the good stuff their kids do? No one talks about when the kids are cranky. No one talks about if their toddler throws a temper tantrum while grocery shopping (unless you are on twitter, people are more honest there). Parents just want to look good to other parents. That’s why I didn’t post the picture online at first. I didn’t want to look bad. Then I realized that that’s not me. I have a sense of humor. No point in hiding it just so I don’t look bad.  I would become one of those parents. It shouldn’t matter what other people think, as long as I know that I love my kid more than anything and that I try my best to take care of  her in the best way I can. So here it is. I put a beer can in my ten month old’s hands to take a picture. She ended up on a website about parenting fails. You might think I’m a bad mom. That’s ok. We’re just different people with different senses of humor.

Just don’t follow me on twitter.


Santa is Fake

25 Nov

I’ve decided that I do not want to lie to my child. I will never tell her that Santa is real, because he isn’t. I don’t plan on being mean and saying something like “Zoey, Santa isn’t real so stop thinking it.” My intentions are to not say anything at all. I don’t have to tell her that Mickey Mouse is fake. She will just grow up knowing it because he is just a cartoon character that she watches on tv. The same with Santa. He is just a character that comes up around the holiday season. If she asks me if he is real, I will just be honest.

I know that other kids will believe in him, and I’m aware that I’ll have to let Zoey know. I know that I’ll have to explain to her that she can’t tell other kids that Santa isn’t real. I don’t have a map on how to do that yet, because I don’t know what her personality will be like yet. For example, if she is a sweet girl who hates when other people are sad, I could tell her that it would hurt their feelings and she wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings. You know? As time passes, I’ll have a clearer picture. I don’t know all of the answers. I’ll never pretend to know all of the answers. I only know what is right for my family. What’s right for my family may not be right for someone else’s family, just like what’s right for someone else’s family may not be right for ours.

I do not believe that she will be deprived of childhood happiness. I never believed in Santa, but it wasn’t a negative thing at all. I loved all of the Santa Claus stories. My favorite holiday classic is still “The Year Without a Santa Claus.” I can sing every single word of every single song in that movie. Growing up, we still had “presents from Santa” even though we knew he was fake. It was kind of part of a holiday game, I guess. We knew that our parents wrapped the presents and wrote from Santa on the label. It was just fun.

I’ve also discovered that there is a website you can sign up with that lets kids get “letters from Santa”. You log in and put in your child’s info, and “Santa” sends them letters. This is so deceitful. It is insulting to the kids’ intelligence. I don’t understand how anyone could be okay with going to this extreme to lie to their child. I don’t want to understand, either, so don’t try to explain it to me.

My kid is an intelligent human. I have no reason to deceive her with lies, only for her to find out later that I went out of my way to make her believe something that isn’t true. It wouldn’t be fun for her to lose trust in her mom, at such a young age. I don’t plan on lying to her and telling her that other things are real either. No tooth fairy, Easter bunny, Jesus, or leprechauns. The stories are fun, but there’s no need for me to lie to her. I feel like she’ll respect me more in the long run, and we won’t have to go through a period of time where she doubts the one person she is supposed to trust more than anyone.

I trust my kid to be smart. Too smart to believe in fake fairy tales. Smart enough to enjoy them, though.