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Put Less Money Where Your Mouth Is

5 Nov

I accidentally learned how to save money!

I got tired of the daily back and forth: “What do you want for supper?” “I don’t know, what do you want for supper?” “I asked you first.” “No, you decide.” It’s enough for someone to google “price of divorce.” Maybe not quite that bad, but I’m sure you understand how annoying it can be. Then once it is established that no one cares what we will be having for supper, we end up reaching for something simple like spaghetti. Or pizza. Or hamburgers. You get the idea. Then we whine about eating the same thing over and over again. Then the cycle starts over again the next day.

I decided that if we wanted to end the daily last-minute cooking, that I should start planning our suppers all week. I sat down with my husband and discussed meals for week one. We went grocery shopping and came home with an $80 grocery bill! I was so excited that I nearly peed on myself. The next week we did the same, only I began to notice that my menu lacked variety. I felt inspired to choose a few menu items that I had never cooked before (thanks, pinterest!). Week two, $60 grocery bill! Not only did I nearly soil my undergarments, I also learned to cook a few new things. The next week, we did the same thing again. Found a few more new recipes.  Mother fucking $52 grocery bill. Whaaaaat? I didn’t expect to save money going into this. I didn’t even expect to learn to cook new things. It just happened that way. When I planned out the menu, I made a grocery list at the same time. When we went shopping, I would buy something because we needed it for the week, not just because we ran out of the item.

Pinterest has made me all crafty and shit.

I even made a meal planning box complete with sewn on coupon holder.

I know that this sounds like a “cheeseball mom” type thing to do, but it really didn’t even start that way. This can work for everyone. People who live alone, people with roommates, ANYONE! It’s a great way to save money. It’s also a great way to add new recipes to your personal menu. It’s also caused me to use my slow cooker more. You can make some kick-ass soups in the slow cooker! Our next shopping trip is tomorrow, which begins our next week of planned meals. Do any of you plan your meals? What are some of your favorite recipes?


Macaroni Tears

5 Oct

About week ago, I went to lunch with a friend. While we were talking and eating, Zoey tried to grab everything off of the table. Toys didn’t interest her or distract her because she was focused on food. My friend asked if we could get a soft tortilla for Zoey to eat while we had lunch. That would be the perfect distraction to keep the baby’s hands off of the table. At first I was nervous. Before that day, Zoey had never eaten anything except for mashed baby food. I figured that my friend knew what she was doing, since she has two children of her own. I agreed and Zoey ate the tortilla. Guess what? SHE SURVIVED!!

After that experience, I’ve become a little more brave with allowing Zoey to try new foods. I bought cheerios for her, and she loved them. I gave her steamed vegetables without mashing them. I give her little bites of my food. She loves it all.

Tonight, we ate in a restaurant because we were running errands at supper time. My cousin met up with us and mentioned a kid’s menu. I didn’t order anything from the kid’s menu, but it gave us the idea to let her have some macaroni and cheese. My husband ordered it as his side dish and fed her the first bite. She loved it. He kept feeding her, and she continued to reach for more. She liked it so much that she began to shout if her daddy was taking too long giving her another bite of macaroni. It was adorable and she had cheese all over her face by the end of her meal. I’m not sure how it happened, but she even got cheese all over her glasses. I regret not taking a picture.

On our way home, I began to sob. Seriously.

This baby didn’t exist until February 16, 2011. I created her. She wasn’t here, then she formed inside of my body, and then she was here. AND SHE CAN EAT REAL FOOD LIKE MACARONI AND MOTHER FUCKING CHEESE. I know it sounds like a ridiculous reason to cry (I promise I was sober), but it all hit me at once and it kind of amazed me. It is so hard to believe that I made this baby, and she is a functioning human. I’m just plain ole me. How did I create this? (Not literally, I know how that happened.)

It made me so happy.

I usually have a similar emotional experience once every couple of days, but I never sob. I usually just find myself surprised/amazed that I created a baby, smile, and move on. I think the symbolism of her eating fully prepared food for the first time triggered the same type of emotion I’ll feel when she graduates or when she gets married. Oh my god. I created something that will graduate and eventually get married. I need to go and shower all of this emotion off of me right now. Right now.