Valentine Shmalentine

14 Feb

My husband and I don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day. We aren’t anti-Valentine’s or anything. We just feel that it is pointless in our relationship. He surprises me with flowers, chocolate, cards, potato chips, etc. randomly and often. I don’t want him to get me a gift on this day just because he is supposed to (we already have an anniversary). That would be like me celebrating changing one of Zoey’s diapers. Changing her diapers is part of my life. It would be pointless for me to celebrate something like “diaper changing appreciation day.” I think we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day, but that was it. After that, I didn’t want to anymore. I don’t have a problem with other people that celebrate it, either. People will do whatever is right for them.

Now that I have a daughter, my viewpoint is changing a little. I want her to grow up with the expectation that she will be treated like a queen by her future significant other. I don’t want her to settle for anything less. In my opinion (strictly opinion, she’s my first kid and I’ve never raised a kid before), the best way to show her that she deserves the best is to lead by example. Plus, I think it would be really fun to do Valentine’s activities with her.

I want her to see her Daddy bringing gifts home to her and I. I want her to know what it feels like to be treated like you are special. I also want to make sure that she understands that love is not only for Valentine’s Day. I want her to see that love is for every day. The holiday isn’t the reason for love, but it is a celebration of it. I think it would be fun to watch her sweet face light up when her daddy brings her flowers or chocolate. Then she would see him give them to me and understand that it is an expression of love. We could have fun doing little crafts and making fun cards for daddy to hang up in his locker at work. It is important for her to know that it’s important to express love as well as to receive it.

It’s amazing what changes when you have a kid. I’m still the same Kimmy, but my perspective has changed on many things. We may not even celebrate it next year. She’ll still be young. I guess we’ll see how it goes when the day gets closer. I do look forward to starting new traditions for Valentine’s Day and other holidays.


2 Responses to “Valentine Shmalentine”

  1. schenardi v&ronique February 15, 2012 at 5:10 am #

    dear Kimmy

    I am always happy to read your comments about life, you’re so true and realistic!
    I know it when I was younger and everyone thought I was reactionary because I did not share the opinion of a majority!
    I never wanted to “melt into the mold” = do and think like everyone else, which made ​​me be a full and unique.
    I respect the beliefs and thinking of everyone, but I refuse that I needed to think his mière!
    Concerning the education of children (mine did not complain!) They must be in the right direction, after each individual is born with his personality.
    I am like you I like the little things everyday and not major events “commercial” to specific date, by explaining to children why the celebration of each allows him to make a choice and to limit its priorities.

    I hope the translation is good, if not, I keep a copy in French to explain it to you one day ……………… in English, when I’ll get there! LOL
    Kisses to all three and read you soon.

  2. elishevasokolic March 19, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    Nominated you for the versatile blogger award! Check out my blog for more details, you are great!

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