Microwave Generation

17 Nov

A few days ago, our microwave started acting strangely. When the door is closed and it is turned off, it would still run and heat invisible food. Because of this, we have decided to leave it unplugged until we get a new one. It was getting a little scary.

I can’t begin to tell you how much of an inconvenience this is. I didn’t think we used our microwave that much. Plus, it’s fairly new. Now I have to use the stove or the oven to reheat leftovers, cook pizza rolls, EVERYTHING. It takes soooooooo much longer. I’m hungry now, I don’t want to wait ten long minutes before  can eat! I want to pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds and eat right now.

(I’m waiting for pizza rolls to come out of the damn oven at this very moment.)

Realizing how much of an inconvenience this has been has made me think (I don’t normally think very much). I remember being told that microwaves take most of the nutrients out of food. Then I thought of how often we use the microwave to reheat food. Then I thought about our health. Then I thought about my baby. Damn it. Being a mom is making me all responsible and shit.

Before microwaves were invented, it was normal to have to wait for food. We’ve become spoiled because we’ve never known a world without microwaves. In the same way, my daughter will never know a world without technologies like the internet. She’ll never have to wait by the radio for hours just to hear one song. She can just Google the video and hear it on YouTube. She’ll never have to sneak behind our backs and watch MTV for hours waiting for her favorite music video (“November Rain” by Guns’n’Roses was what I snuck around for) because it is available online at any moment for her. MTV doesn’t even have music videos anymore.

She will probably be even more impatient that I am. That saddens me a little. It’s not like I can take away technology from her so that she grows up humble. That would be wrong and she could get picked on. It’s not like I can tell her things like “Appreciate this because we didn’t have it when I was young!” because I’ll just sound like an uncool old person. Times just change quickly. We have to work with what we’ve got.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely glad that technology moves forward so quickly. I love convenience. I’m glad that my child will grow up in a world with electricity, indoor plumbing, central heat and air, computers, smart phones, etc. It just makes it more difficult to ask other moms what they did in certain situations. I’m sure they didn’t pull out their smart phone and let their baby play with an interactive baby app. I’m sure this sort of thing is another type of “mom war” topic on the internet. I’m not googling to find out. I just want to raise my baby the best way I know how, and that includes technology. We were just in the eye doctor’s office and I forgot to bring any toys. I let Zoey “make stars” (the app is a blank screen, and when you touch it, stars appear) on my phone to keep her quiet.  Where would I be without technology? Some parents think that kids shouldn’t play with things like that until after the age of two. There was even the video of the kid trying to use a magazine as an ipad. You can’t blame technology for that. My kid knows the difference between a book and a computer. We read books to her every night. That kid’s parents probably didn’t read to the kid. Or maybe they read ebooks. That’s ok. Technology is changing the world we live in and I’m sure the kid will grow up and develop at the same rate as other children.

I just spilled a pizza roll guts all over my shirt.

My original plan was to get a new microwave this weekend. Now I’m considering waiting to see how long we can live without one. I haven’t consulted my husband, yet. Let’s see what happens!

Here, we see the nine month old infant called "Zoey" participating in an ancient tradition of "playing with toys in the bath tub." It doesn't involve any modern technologies, yet it is still enjoyable.


2 Responses to “Microwave Generation”

  1. elishevasokolic November 17, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    Great blog! I am now off to youtube the vid of the ipad/magazine confusion. Sounds entertaining. And yes, I wholeheartedly agree, how we bring up our kids to be competent and literate, and how reliant they are on all this (wonderful) technology is our choice. I will definitely be back!

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