Mom AND Non-mom

16 Jun

One thing that I have learned in the last four months is the importance of support. I was lucky to be pregnant at the same time as several people I know. Now that we have all had our babies, we share experiences and milestones with each other. I even meet with a couple of them once a week. We take turns cooking at each others’ houses in order to save money.

I feel like it is pretty important for us to meet regularly. We are all first-time moms, and this is a new experience for all of us. We support one another. Plus, it means that we get to talk to adults. Adults who are sharing a similar experience with us at the same time. The babies hang out and shake toys while the mommies talk about cloth diapers, food, coupons, etc. If we talk about baby stuff, we don’t feel like we have to keep it at a minimum like we do with other friends. It is a nice outlet to get out all of the baby-talk.

In the same way, I also feel that it is important to have friends that I can do “non-mom” things with. It is easy to forget that I was a person before I was a mom. Especially since my full-time job is being a mom, now. Hanging out with someone like that reminds me that I can still have a life, and I’m still able to do things that I want to do. I’m still that girl who loves whiskey and loves having different colored hair. I am still obsessed with the color green. I still love animals and the planet. I’m still me. I have an identity other than just being “Zoey’s mom”, and that is ok. It is more than ok because it will be a good example to her in the long run. When you become a mom, you don’t just drop everything and forget about the life you used to have. You invite that child to be part of your life. Your priorities and your lifestyle change, but you can still be yourself.

Even though “yourself” will likely change as well.

Don’t lose yourself, but don’t cling to it either. I’m starting to learn that life is just constantly changing. Let yourself learn lessons. Make fun of yourself for doing things that you used to make fun of. (That makes it easier!)

One Response to “Mom AND Non-mom”

  1. Heather B June 17, 2011 at 8:42 am #

    Life is constantly changing. We, as humans, are constantly changing. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you have no reason to laugh at anyone else. Learning should be ever going. I am glad that you have this support system. That is wonderful 🙂

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