Pain is So Close to Pleasure

11 Jun

Zoey has had many milestones in her four months of life. Just today, she figured out how to hold a toy, and how to shake it to play with it (the toy also found its way into her mouth, of course). Immediately afterwards, she accidentally smacked herself in the head with it. She shouted so loudly that you would think someone was pulling her toenails off.

She has learned how to travel by kicking her feet and pushing her body in a certain direction while on her back. She looks like an inchworm scooting across the floor. With this milestone also comes issues. The first issue would be the day she rocketed off of the couch. Another thing that happens is that when I put her on our bed, she will “travel” on her back until she pushes herself under a pillow (cue more shouting).

My point of sharing these stories is to say that with every new, exciting milestone comes a new frustration and stress. The same goes for adult life. If you get a promotion and pay raise, you will  have new stress because of new responsibilities. You have a sweet little baby, then you have the stress of raising it properly, making sure it is happy, making sure it is healthy, making sure…. (That list could probably take up an entire blog post).

Everyone goes through things. Your rich neighbor down the street who owns four Porsches? Sure, they are probably happy about the massive amount of money they have, but they are probably under a lot of stress with work responsibilities. They probably never see their family. They probably miss many milestones that their children hit because they are always at work. But hey, at least they have an Olympic sized swimming pool, right?

Don’t be envious of other people. There is no such thing as a person with the perfect life. Those people are just really good at lying. Every single person on this planet is going through something, and everyone has some sort of stress. There are always happy moments in life. Put more focus on those parts so that the stress doesn’t seem as bad.

Never forget: If you do not have stress and negative times in your life, you will not be able to appreciate the good times. Be thankful for the bad times as well. They build character and shape you into the person you are.

(+1000000000000 cool points if you recognized the title of this post as a Queen song)

4 Responses to “Pain is So Close to Pleasure”

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster June 12, 2011 at 8:12 am #

    Man, I love your entries. Yes, yes and yes.

    At first I was going to respond to this: “If you get a promotion and pay raise, you will have new stress because of new responsibilities.” This hit close to home. Before I landed at my current company about three years ago, I dreamed of climbing the management chain to be a CsO (where “s” stands for “something” or . . . “sanything at all” 8). After having Li’l D? I love being at a company with 35 years of history. I love having exactly the level of responsibility and freedom I do. It’s not to say I’m not driven to grow and change in other ways; it’s just that those ways–my goals–have shifted to other endeavors.

    Then I read the next paragraph. I wrote tomorrow’s entry last night, and touched in it on how I’ve occasionally grumbled at how I’m the primary caregiver in addition to being–for now!–also the primary breadwinner. I never grumble too long, because there’s not a chance I’d want to trade out all those precious moments with my son, or the freedoms I have at my office. I have it really, really freakin’ good, and . . . Ba.D.’s few weeks working long hours on this movie have been an excellent reminder.

    Better still? Seeing it put so baldly here. Thank you.

    • ContradictingKimmy June 12, 2011 at 7:44 pm #

      🙂 I really enjoy your feedback. It encourages me to continue writing. I hope all is well on your end! I missed being able to read a new post today!

  2. Heather B June 12, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

    I’ve been struggling with being jealous of those recently. Then I though, what do I have to be jealous of? They might have stuff that I want, but they also have their own set of problems that I do not want.

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